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New Chart View Enhancement: Histogram Series Type

This new ChartView series is designed to enable you to generate a histogram—a bar graph that represents a frequency distribution. The X axis represents an interval, and the Y axis represents the corresponding frequency.

Silverlight ChartView Control Histogram series type

New ChartView Improvement: Support for Axes Rendering When No Data Is Available

We have expanded the ChartView functionalities with support for axes rendering when no data is available. This will help you meet user scenarios where you want to visualize a portion of the ChartView to indicate its existence when there is data source.

Silverlight Chart View Control Support for axes rendering when no data is available

New ScheduleView Improvement: Support for Resource Virtualization

With the R1 2023 release, the ScheduleView control is enhanced with resource virtualization support that brings improved performance to your application. Resource virtualization is useful when you operate with a large number of resources in your ScheduleView-based app and want to render the resource list faster.

Silverlight ScheduleView Control Resource Virtualization

New ComboBox Enhancement: Enable AutoComplete Partial Matches Selection API

This new Telerik UI for Silverlight ComboBox functionality makes it so that an item gets selected as you are typing the word. You can enable this behavior with ease thanks to an intuitive API.

WPF ComboBox Control PartialMatch

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