Telerik UI for .NET MAUI

Release History

Telerik UI for .NET MAUI (version 5.2.0)

June 7, 2023

What's New

  • Added SlideView - a control that allows different views to be slided onto the main area through interaction.
  • Added Conversational UI (Chat) - a UI component that enables easy implementation of conversational UI in MAUI applications, whether by utilizing a certain chatbot framework, following a predefined logical tree or just integrating peer-to-peer chat capabilities.
  • Added PdfViewer - a control that enables you to easily load and display PDF documents natively in .NET MAUI applications.
  • Added TreeView - a control that facilitates the display, and management, and navigation of hierarchical data structures. The component comes with many advanced features - data binding, checkbox support, etc.
  • Added RichTextEditor - a control that enables users to create rich textual content through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface through a set of tools for creating, editing, and formatting of text, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks and more.
  • Added Calendar - an advanced date input control that allows single, multiple or range date selection as well as displaying dates in different views.


  • Bindings in the BusyContent are not working.


  • [Android] A NullReferenceException is thrown when getting the selected data points during SelectionChanged.


  • Added support for disabling the animations during state transitions.


  • Added DropDownWidth property.
  • [WinUI] [MacCatalyst] The DropDown area is not measuring correctly and is allocating more space than intended.


  • Automatically generate DataGridTimeColumn for TimeSpan properties.
  • Introduce SortDirection and IsFiltered read-only properties for DataGridColumn. Mark OptionsTapContext as obsolete.
  • Introduce EmptyContentTemplate and EmptyContentDisplayMode properties to define and control the view shown when the grid is empty.
  • DataGrid stays in memory after leaving the page.
  • TemplateColumn is not initially grouped when GroupDescriptor is applied.
  • TemplateColumn is not initially sorted when SortDescriptor is applied.
  • Custom fonts are not respected in header, cell text styles.
  • Some languages are not properly rendered by SkiaSharp elements.
  • App built for Release crashes on an M1 machine.


  • [Android] There is a line through the center of the path geometry of the clear button icon on Android 9.0.
  • [iOS] [MacCatalyst] IsReadOnly could not be changed dynamically when the initial value is set to True.


  • [WinUI] A BindingExpression path error is displayed in the output regarding the HandleIconPath property of the items.
  • [Android] Memory leak when the ItemsSource has changed


  • [Android] Exception was thrown when using AddSingleton approach in a Shell app.


  • Handled invalid /NULL name encoding for Type1 and TrueType fonts.
  • Introduced an option to replace the predefined Standard Fonts.
  • Introduced public API for setting default stream compression when exporting PDF files.
  • Introduced setting in PdfStreamWriter that allows exporting images with no compression.
  • Introduced export for standard fonts with custom encoding.
  • An EndOfStreamException is thrown when importing a document with startxref pointing to the end of the document.
  • ImageUtils: MissingMethodException is thrown when using a bigger than 2.0 ImageSharp version.
  • The CalGray color space properties are not correctly exported in an array.
  • Slow import of documents containing Shadings Pattern and ICCBased ColorSpace.
  • IOException is thrown when an object in the cross-reference stream has a negative offset.
  • Errors are thrown when validating signed PDF files with VeraPdf and other validators.
  • Wrong rendering of glyphs with a specific Type1 font.
  • The position of unsupported annotation is not calculated as expected when its bounding box starts from a position different than 0.
  • Spaces are displayed as rectangles for some TrueType fonts.
  • Some glyph geometries from Type1 fonts are not rendered correctly.
  • Glyphs are rendered with different font when trying to create Block with ZapfDingbats.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when importing .notdef glyph.
  • Wrongly parsed document content when the indirect object contains more spaces between object number and generation number.
  • Wrong encoding is used when the PDF file contains font with custom encoding.
  • Some operators cannot be correctly parsed which causes incomplete import.
  • Setting a filter on a mask results in an invalid file when exporting.
  • A KeyNotFoundException is thrown when there is a symbolic font with predefined encoding.
  • A KeyNotFoundException exception is thrown when there are missing characters in the document.
  • А KeyNotFoundException exception is thrown with MacintoshNonSymbolic platform type and WinAnsiEncoding.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing documents where the endobj keyword is not on a new line.
  • Generated PDF files are not PDF/A compliant according to some validation tools.
  • Encrypted Hex strings in Bookmark titles are not decrypted on import.
  • Documents exported with cross-reference stream are invalid.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when trying to clone a document containing SignatureField.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when importing .notdef glyph.
  • Applying a wrong default image compression filter leads to a broken PDF file.
  • Introduced a new default implementation for the ImageUtils` JpegImageConverter and ImagePropertiesResolver based on the SkiaSharp library.


  • The position and size of the popup are not updated when the Content changes its size dynamically.
  • Loaded and Unloaded events are not raised for the Content.


  • Importing an XLS file causes NullReferenceException due to fill color.
  • Applying text format to a column also sets the format to the next column.
  • Repeating header rows are not imported correctly in some files.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown in the ValueContextResolver when importing a document that contains conditional formatting.
  • Sequence contains no matching element exception is thrown in files containing notes or comments.
  • A conditional formatting rule with a custom formula with reference to another sheet is lost when importing a file generated from Microsoft Excel.


  • Introduced support for importing rich text as plain text.


  • HtmlFormatProvider: Introduced support for setting color values using the rgb() function. Available in NET 4.5 and above.
  • Unify the support of CSS shorthand/longhand properties. Available in NET 4.5 and above.
  • HTML files encoded with Little Endian could not be imported correctly. Available in NET 4.5 and above.
  • PdfFormatProvider: The image in the header is not exported to pdf.
  • The forecolor of table cells text is not preserved when exporting to PDF.
  • Table row which has defined only 'val' attribute of the 'trHeight' is imported as row with auto height.
  • Exporting to PDF documents containing empty table rows results in 0 height of the rows.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown due to incorrect measurement of block elements inside TableCell.
  • NullReferenceException when importing a watermark with no opacity.
  • The mail merge does not work if the template contains a Table of Contents.
  • A KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing an RTF that references a not declared font.
  • The header is not imported when it contains a watermark.
  • Empty table row is exported to PDF with different height.
  • Empty paragraphs at the end of a table cell are ignored on import from RTF.
  • Invalid list layout when converting to PDF and the list includes several pages.


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