Telerik UI for .NET MAUI

Release History

Telerik UI for .NET MAUI (version 4.0.0)

November 9, 2022

What's New

  • Updated to .Net Maui 6.0.547 (for .Net6) and 7.0.49 (for .Net7).


  • [WinUI] Layout cycle exception is thrown when SelectedItem is initially set.


  • [WinUI] [MacCatalyst] Added the ability to resize the width of the columns by drag - added IsResizable property of DataGrid column.
  • Implement column reordering by dragging a column header.
  • [Android] Entry grows vertically/horizontally when in edit mode in a specific case.
  • HorizontalTextAlignment is always set to start when using ColumnHeaderStyle.
  • [WinUI] [Android] GroupingPanel stretches after grouping is performed.
  • [WinUI] Cannot drop an item in all places in "Group By" area.
  • [WinUI] Big space between groups in the service panel.
  • Deleted the Columns property of the DataGridGroupingPanel. Use the GroupDescriptors property of the RadDataGrid instead.


  • Introduced support for embedding only a subset of characters used in the document when registering the CidType2Font using the FontsRepository.
  • Some PostScript fonts are not falling back to the correct one.
  • Exporting rotated pages to images causes clipped images.
  • The document info is not exported correctly when the document is encrypted.
  • An ArgumentNullException is thrown when exporting a document that contains a Widget created with FixedContentEditor.


  • PdfFormatProvider: Text is cut off in Net Standard with a specific document
  • Error message for invalid column name appears on import with a specific document.
  • Exception when exporting a conditional formatting rule with no formatting.
  • Wrong color scheme colors lead to wrong cell coloring on export.
  • Removed an obsolete Add method of SeriesCollectionOfT class. Use the other overrides instead.


  • Preserving bin images on import/export.
  • Introduced support for SEQ Field.
  • InvalidOperationException thrown when exporting FloatingImage which is the first element in a continuous section to PDF.
  • Endless loop while the PDF exporter splits a block with an image
  • HTML is truncated when there is a field without a separator.
  • A FileNotFoundException is thrown when importing a file and not having a DrawingML reference.
  • Importing an HTML image with no source and then exporting it to PDF causes an exception.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when exporting to PDF of calling UpdateField(s) method and a document contains hyperlink before bookmark.


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