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New Component: Vue ActionSheet

Enhance your web apps with the new Kendo UI for Vue ActionSheet component - a slide-up pane for displaying a set of available options in a modal view. It appears at the bottom of a screen and presents users with a choice of actions they can choose from. As a popular element in iOS and Android, it helps you to easily add a popular workflow to mobile or responsive applications. 

See the Vue ActionSheet demo 

New Component: Vue Pyramid Chart

The new Kendo UI for Vue Pyramid Chart enables you to easily visualize data within a pyramidal structure organized into horizontal segments. It facilitates a different size for each section, effectively illustrating the hierarchy of topics based on the width of each section.  

See the Vue Pyramid Chart demo  

Vue Charts: Trendlines

The Kendo UI for Vue Charts now support Trendlines – automatically generated indicators that illustrate data trends over time. The linear trendline, for example, shows whether a particular quantity is increasing or decreasing over time. The moving average trendline, on the other hand, is used to smooth out the variations in data by averaging all points in a certain period of time.  

See the Vue Charts Trendlines demo 

Trendline Overview

Vue Dropdowns: Adaptive Rendering

The Kendo UI for Vue Dropdown components (including ComboBox, DropDownList, DropDownTree, MultiSelect, and MultiSelectTree) now support an adaptive mode which provides a mobile-friendly rendering of their popup. When the adaptive mode is enabled, the components automatically adapt to the current screen size and change their rendering accordingly.  

See the Vue ComboBox Adaptive Mode demo as an example 

ComboBox Adaptive mode

Enhanced Design System Documentation

One of the key release items in R2 2023 was the launch of a dedicated Design System documentation site, which offers a wide range of resources, design assets and front-end documentation specifically tailored for the Telerik and Kendo UI libraries.

With R3 2023, we have expanded Design System Support by having more components like MultiSelectTree, DateInput, ChipList, Window, Dialog, Editor, ListView, ListBox, MultiColumnComboBox, Filter, etc. meticulously detailed in the Design System documentation.

Our ongoing dedication is to expand this site further, aiming to provide you with all the necessary tools to craft seamless and visually captivating digital experiences and design systems utilizing the power of Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries.

Design System Documentation

Strict Content Security Policy (CSP) Compliance

One of our goals in 2023 was to improve the Telerik and Kendo UI products’ quality, theming mechanism, and Content Security Policy (CSP) compliance. What strict CSP app settings do is prevent hackers from using HTML injection flaws to force the browser to execute a malicious script. This policy is especially effective against cross-site scripting attacks​. Here is what we did so far to ensure strict CSP compliance in Kendo UI for Angular:  


  • With R1 2023, we introduced and started incorporating SVG icons into the Kendo UI products.  

  • With R2 2023, we changed the default type of icons in the Kendo UI libraries and components from font to SVG.  

  • Now with R3 2023, we’re extracting the Font icons as a separate package and detaching the inline font declaration from the Kendo UI themes.  

The themes will continue to support both font and SVG icons in components, thus allowing you to decide which type of icons to take advantage of. However, using the font icons will require a separate stylesheet to be referenced by clients.  

This third and last step allows us to provide customers with a more secure and efficient icon system and the option to load and reference only needed resources.  

Check out the dedicated blog post to find more information on the strategy for improving Telerik and Kendo UI web component libraries by moving from font to SVG icons.  

Accessibility Improvements Across Telerik and Kendo UI

We continue our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of Telerik and Kendo UI web components, now ensuring compliance with WAI-ARIA, Section 508, WCAG, including the just released WCAG 2.2 standard.  Being compliant with the new WCAG 2.2 standard means that Telerik and Kendo UI products have covered the mandatory requirements for Minimum Target Size and Navigable Guidelines through default theme accessibility swatch and large size of our components. To meet the Dragging Movement Criteria, we have flexible APIs or built-in functionality. ​Check out the blog post highlighting what’s new in WCAG 2.2.  


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