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Generating mock objects inside Visual Studio gets even better

For the past few releases, JustMock has been offering numerous enhancements to make developers' life easier by building upon Visual Studio’s productivity features and expanding those improvements. R2 2022 introduced new functionality that allows you to create a mock for a simple method from the quick action menu inside Visual Studio. 

This functionality is part of the mock generation rules feature set and is now getting even better. With R1 2023, users can generate code snippets for generic mock objects and generic method mock arrangements from the VS quick action menu. The feature update aims at making the suggested code buildable in order to improve your workflow.

Moreover, the feature can be switched on and off on demand and won't disrupt the workflows of those of you who prefer to code their mock objects without using the quick action options.

Generate code snippets for generic mock objects

Telerik JustMock: Day-Zero Support for .NET 7

With the November 2022 update, we’ve released day-zero support for .NET 7 for all Telerik .NET products, including JustMock, and their respective Visual Studio extensions. In addition, we’ve updated the demos and project templates to .NET 7 and launched new components and improvements. With this instant support, you can either upgrade your existing projects, start a new project using .NET 7 and Telerik JustMock right away or do both.

Telerik JustMock: Day-Zero Support for .NET 7

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