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Next-Level Performance Optimization

The prior versions of the Telerik JustMock Profiler had to instrument every single method used by the developed application in order to provide mocking capabilities. This workflow brings performance hit when executing unit tests. Our ultimate goal was to optimize the Profiler performance and the required execution time of unit tests to the highest level that the technology allows us. To achieve that goal, we have totally reworked the profiler and with R1 2022 the JustMock Profiler works on demand.  

*This optimization is still in beta version and can be easily disabled and enabled.  

Next-level Performance Optimization

Support for .NET 6 Official Release

With the first release of 2022, Telerik JustMock ships support for .NET 6 official release. Through our collaboration with Microsoft and because of our commitment to the developer community, our products are always up to date with the latest technologies as they advance.  

Support for .NET 6 Official Release

Support for C# 10

In line with our commitment to support the latest technology trends, with R1 2022 we’re introducing support for C# 10.  

Support for C#10

Support for Visual Studio 2022 Official Release

Since Visual Studio is our customers’ number 1 IDE choice, the first release of 2022 introduces Visual Studio 2022 support to enable you to take advantage of all the benefits that this new version provides.

Support for Visual Studio 2022

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