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Support for Linux

Following your requests to increase the number of supported operating systems, we’ve extended JustMock’s capabilities to support Linux.
This will enable you to execute your unit test suite and validate the quality of your software on another operating system.  

Support for Linux

Visual Studio 2022 Support

We’ve made a commitment to you, our customers, to support the latest technology trends and tools. Visual Studio is the number 1 IDE among our customers. With R3 2021, we’ve introduced Visual Studio 2022 support to enable you to take advantage of all the benefits that this new version provides.  

Visual Studio 2022 Support

Support for .NET 6 RC 1

With the third release of 2021, Telerik JustMock ships support for .NET 6 release candidate 1. Through our collaboration with Microsoft and because of our commitment to the developer community, our products are always up to date with the latest technologies as they advance.  

Support for .NET 6 Release Candidate 1

Enhanced Notifications in the DebugWindow

With R3 2021, we continue to improve the DebugWindow and add more features to it. Until now, while debugging your unit test, you could miss that a new invocation has occurred of your arrangement when the Argument Matcher tab is selected. Such an event is not wanted, as the solution is typically to restart the unit test, select the Invocations tab and wait for the invocation to occur.

With R3 2021, we’ve added visual notification to the Invocations tab. In addition to that, when you select the Invocations tab, all-new invocations will be highlighted and make it easier for you to notice them.

Enhanced Notifications in the DebugWindow

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