How to Set Relative Dates (e.g. "3 days ago") to RadDatePicker or RadDateInput

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    RadControls for ASP .NET AJAX version 2008.1.415 and later
    .NET version 2.0 and later
    Visual Studio version 2005 and later
    Programming language Javascript
    Browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls for ASP .NET AJAX


    In some cases, it may be more convenient and faster to specify a "relative" date, instead of choosing one from a RadDatePicker or typing a valid date string manually. For example if today is August 31 and you type "-3" or "+5" in the DateInput textbox, you may want the control to treat this as "three days ago" or "after five days", i.e. August 28 or September 5. Here is how to do this:


    <telerik:RadDatePicker ID="RadDatePicker1" runat="server"
        <DateInput ClientEvents-OnValueChanging="MyValueChanging" /> 
    <br /><br /> 
    <telerik:RadDateInput ID="RadDateInput1" runat="server"
        <ClientEvents OnValueChanging="MyValueChanging" /> 


    // global variable used in the function below  
    var DateInputRelativeDateFlag = false
    function MyValueChanging(sender, args) 
        var textBoxValue = args.get_newValue(); 
        var daysInt = parseInt(textBoxValue); 
        if (!DateInputRelativeDateFlag && (daysInt < 0 || textBoxValue.indexOf("+") != -1)) 
            var newDate = new Date(); 
            newDate.setDate(newDate.getDate() + daysInt); 
            DateInputRelativeDateFlag = true
            DateInputRelativeDateFlag = false

    The IF statement can be modified in order to suit any particular scenario.
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