Represents the props of the KendoReact Scheduler component.

children? SchedulerView[] | SchedulerView

Specify the available view components through as children and the Scheduler will match the currently selected view and render it.

data? DataItem[]

Sets the data of the Scheduler component. The data is then parsed and rendered as a visual Scheduler items.

date? Date

Sets the current selected Date. The current selected date is passed to the selected view and transformed in to a range.

defaultDate? Date

Sets a default selected Date. The defaultDate property is used to specify the initial rendered date, while still remaining in an uncontrolled mode.

defaultView? string

Sets the initially selected view.

For more information refer to the Scheduler Views article.

editable? EditableProp | boolean

Sets if the Scheduler component is editable. The value can be either a boolean or an Object to specify different types of editing.

group? SchedulerGroup

Specifies the groups of the Scheduler.

height? number | string

Sets the height of the Scheduler.

modelFields? SchedulerModelFields

The names of the model fields from which the Scheduler will read its data (see example).

onDataChange? (event: SchedulerDataChangeEvent) => void

Fires each time when editing occurs. To enable editing set the editable property to true or an EditableProp

For more information refer to the Scheduler Editing article.

onDateChange? (args: SchedulerDateChangeEvent) => void

Fires when new date is selected.

onViewChange? (args: SchedulerViewChangeEvent) => void

Fires when new view is selected. (see example)

resources? SchedulerResource[]

Specifies the resources of the Scheduler.

rtl? boolean

Force a rtl mode. For more information refer to RTL Support

timezone? string

Specifies the id of the timezone that will be displayed in the Scheduler. For example, Europe/Sofia.

Defaults to Etc/UTC.

view? string

Sets the currently selected view. The value is matched with the title property of the view.