Known Limitations

Due to its implementation specifics, the PDF export of the KendoReact Data Grid has certain limitations.

  • The rendition of right-to-left content is not supported.

  • The PDF export of hierarchical Grid is not supported.

  • Images that are hosted on different domains might not be rendered unless the server provides the permissive Cross-Origin HTTP headers. Similarly, it might not be possible for fonts to load across domains.

    Even if the proper CORS headers are provided, Internet Explorer 9 will not be able to load images or fonts from another domain, which might raise an uncatchable security exception. To support Internet Explorer 9, host the images and fonts on the same domain as the application.

  • The PDF 1.5 specification limits the maximum PDF document size to 5,080 x 5,080 millimeters (which equals to 200x200 inches). Larger files might not open in all viewers.

  • Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 and Safari, require you to implement a server proxy. For more information, refer to the proxyUrl configuration section.

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