The props of the GridFilterCell component (more information and example).

booleanValues GridFilterOperator[]

The list of values for the Boolean filter.

field? string

The column field in which the cell is located.

filterType "text" | "numeric" | "boolean" | "date"

The type of the filter. Determines which editor will be rendered for filtering.

onChange (event: { operator: string | Function; syntheticEvent: SyntheticEvent<any>; value: any; }) => void

The method that will be called if the cell needs to inform its parent Grid about a change.

operator string

The operator that will be used for the cell filtering.

operators GridFilterOperator[]

The list of the default operators for the current filter type.

render? (row: ReactElement<any>, dataItem: GridFilterCellProps) => React.ReactNode

A function for overriding the default rendering of the filter cell.

value any

The value of the cell.