Using with Server-Side Rendering

The KendoReact components can be used in applications that utilize server-side rendering (SSR) to achieve faster initial loading times.

Server-Side Rendering with Express

KendoReact server-side rendering support provides the ability to render KendoReact UI components on your React pages from servers such as Express. This is achieved by utilizing the renderToString method that comes from the ReactDOMServer object. The method allows to pre-render the HTML on the server and send to the client the already rendered HTML for faster loading speed and SEO optimization.

For more details about the setup, please refer to the following GitHub repository that showcases how the KendoReact Data Grid is pre-rendered on the server and sent to the client.

Server-Side Rendering with NextJS

Please refer to the following article demonstrating how to use the KendoReact components inside a NextJS application.