The colors of the Chart are derived from the active KendoReact theme. For customization of the themes, refer to the customizing themes article.

Setting the Dimensions

By default, the Chart is 400px high and as wide as its container. To set the dimensions of the Chart, use inline styles and CSS.

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Using Series Color from Themes v4

The 5.0 release of the Kendo Themes features an updated color palette for the chart series.

To revert to the series colors from version 4.x, you can:

  • Use the default-dataviz-v4, bootstrap-dataviz-v4 or material-dataviz-v4 swatches.
import "@progress/kendo-theme-default/dist/default-dataviz-v4.css";

// or
import "@progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap/dist/bootstrap-dataviz-v4.css";

// or
import "@progress/kendo-theme-material/dist/material-dataviz-v4.css";
  • Use SCSS variables to revert the series colors to their previous defaults:

    • kendo-theme-default:
    // Default v4
    $series-a: #ff6358;
    $series-b: #ffd246;
    $series-c: #78d237;
    $series-d: #28b4c8;
    $series-e: #2d73f5;
    $series-f: #aa46be;
    @import "all.scss";
    • kendo-theme-bootstrap:
    // Bootstrap v4
    $series-a: #0275d8;
    $series-b: #5bc0de;
    $series-c: #5cb85c;
    $series-d: #f0ad4e;
    $series-e: #e67d4a;
    $series-f: #d9534f;
    @import "all.scss";
    • kendo-theme-material:
    // Material v4
    $series-a: #3f51b5;
    $series-b: #2196f3;
    $series-c: #43a047;
    $series-d: #ffc107;
    $series-e: #ff5722;
    $series-f: #e91e63;
    @import "all.scss";
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Limiting the Displayed Range

To limit the range which is displayed by the Chart:

  1. Set the min and max options of the category axis.
  2. Enable panning and zooming, so that the user is able to see the rest of the data.
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