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Drilldown Charts

The KendoReact Charts supports drilldown functionality for exploring data.

The drilldown function allows users to click on a point (bar, pie segment, etc.) in order to navigate to a different view. The new view usually contains finer grained data about the selected item, like breakdown by product of the selected category.

The view hierarchy is displayed in a breadcrumb for easy navigation back to previous views.

Getting Started

To configure a chart series for drilldown:

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Adding Drilldown Levels

To add a drilldown level, set the drilldownSeriesFactory prop on the parent series to a component that returns a ChartSeriesItem for the drilldown series. The component must pass all props to the ChartSeriesItem component.

The following example demonstrates a Drilldown Chart with 3 levels.

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Customizing the Breadcrumb Root Item

To customize the root item of the Chart Breadcrumb, set the rootItem prop to an object implementing the Breadcrumb DataModel interface.

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Custom Navigation

To implement a custom drilldown navigation:

  • Add a navigation component, such as the Breadcrumb.
  • Add a state variable to store the ChartDrilldownState.
  • Update the navigation with the current dropdown level in the onDrilldown handler for the Chart.
  • Update the drilldown state after navigation.
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