Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoFileSelectInstance="kendoFileSelect"


accept string

Sets the accept attribute of the input element of the FileSelect.

disabled boolean

Disables the FileSelect.
The default value is false.

multiple boolean

Enables the selection of multiple files
(see example).
If set to false, only one file can be selected at a time.

showFileList boolean

Toggles the visibility of the file list.

tabindex number

Specifies the tabindex of the FileSelect.

zoneId string

Specifies the id of the external drop zone to associate with the FileSelect.

name string

Sets the name attribute of the input element of the FileSelect.

restrictions FileRestrictions

Sets the restrictions for selected files.


blur EventEmitter<any>

Fires when the user navigates outside the component.

focus EventEmitter<any>

Fires when the component is focused.

remove EventEmitter<RemoveEvent>

Fires when a file is about to be removed. If prevented, the file will remain in the list.

select EventEmitter<SelectEvent>

Fires when files are selected. If prevented, the selected files will not be added to the list.

valueChange EventEmitter<Array<File>>

Fires when the value of the component has changed as a result of a successful select or remove operation.



Visually clears all files from the UI.


Focuses the underlying input element.


Removes specific file from the file list.


uid string