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TreeView Events

The Kendo UI for Angular TreeView emits a number of events which enable you to control its behavior upon user interaction.

The following example demonstrates the focus, blur, expand, collapse, selectionChange, filterChange, and filterStateChange events of the TreeView.

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Node Events

Some of the TreeView events are emitted only when the kendoTreeViewDragAndDrop functionality is enabled.

The following events will be emitted:

  • nodeDragStart—Fires when the dragging begins. If prevented, the node won't be dragged.
  • nodeDrag—Fires during dragging.
  • nodeDrop—Fires when a node is dropped on a valid target. If prevented or marked as invalid, the subsequent addItem and removeItem events will not be fired.
  • addItem—Fires on the targeted TreeView after the node is dropped.
  • removeItem—Fires on the source TreeView after the node is dropped.
  • nodeDragEnd—Fires when the dragging ends.

In the following example, the event arguments are logged to the console as they occur.

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