Angular Sortable Overview

The Kendo UI for Angular Sortable is a component for dragging and dropping an element within a list to a new location within that list while the rest of the items correspondingly reorder.

The provided functionality is suitable for users who want to sort various elements such as, for example, photos within a gallery or items within a menu.

The Sortable is built from the ground up and specifically for Angular, so that you get a high-performance control which integrates tightly with your application and with the rest of the Kendo UI for Angular components.

The Sortable Package is part of Kendo UI for Angular, a professional grade UI library with 110+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Angular Sortable Example

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Angular Sortable Key Features

The Kendo UI for Angular Sortable component delivers a range of handy and developer-friendly features whose number and further development are not limited by the list in this section. The Kendo UI for Angular team constantly invests efforts to improve the performance and add more value to the existing Sortable library as well as develop new features to it.

Data Binding

You can bind the Sortable to an array of strings or objects by setting the data property, or utilize the built-in directive, which cuts down the repetitive boilerplate code and simplifies the handling of data operations. Read more about the data binding options of the Sortable...

Managing the Items

You can choose to render Sortable items in their disabled state so that, if need be present, users will not be able to interact with them. Also, you may have two or more Sortables and enable users to transfer items between all of the components. Read more about the Sortable items...


You can visually customize the content, color, structure, and the general look and feel of the Sortable by implementing templates in the component. Read more about the templates which re used by the Sortable...


The Kendo UI for Angular Sortable supports globalization to ensure that it can fit well in any application, no matter what languages and locales need to be supported. Additionally, the Sortable supports rendering in a right-to-left (RTL) direction. Read more about Sortable globalization...

Keyboard Navigation

The Sortable supports a number of keyboard shortcuts which alows users to accomplish various commands. Read more about the keyboard navigation of the Sortable...

Trial Version of Kendo UI for Angular

The Kendo UI for Angular Sortable is part of the Kendo UI for Angular library. Kendo UI for Angular offers a 30-day trial with a full-featured version of the library—no restrictions! What’s more, you are eligible for full technical support during your trial period in case you have any questions. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Kendo UI for Angular.

Support Options

For any questions about the use of the Kendo UI for Angular Sortable, or any of our other components, there are several support options available:

  • Kendo UI license holders and anyone in an active trial can take advantage of the Kendo UI for Angular outstanding customer support delivered by the actual developers who built the library. To submit a support ticket, use the Kendo UI support system.
  • Kendo UI for Angular forums are part of the free support you can get from the community and from the Kendo UI team on all kinds of general issues.
  • Kendo UI for Angular feedback portal and Kendo UI for Angular roadmap provide information on the features in discussion and also the planned ones for release.
  • Kendo UI for Angular uses GitHub Issues as its bug tracker and you can submit any related reports there. Also, check out the closed list.
  • Of course, the Kendo UI for Angular team is active on StackOverflow as well and you can find a wealth of questions and answers there.
  • Need something unique that is tailor-made for your project? Progress offers its Progress Services group that can work with you to create any customized solution that you might need.

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