The settings for the Popup when the Popup is opened through PopupService.

For an example on sample usage, refer to the
PopupService.open method.

anchor? ElementRef

Specifies the element which will be used as an anchor. The Popup opens next to that element.

anchorAlign? Align

Specifies the anchor pivot point
(see example).

animate? boolean | PopupAnimation

Controls the Popup animation. By default, the open and close animations are enabled
(see example).

appendTo? ViewContainerRef

Defines the container to which the Popup will be appended.

collision? Collision

Configures the collision behavior of the Popup
(see example.

content? TemplateRef<any> | Function

Defines the content of the Popup.

margin? Margin

Configures the margin value that will be added to the popup dimensions
in pixels and leaves a blank space between the popup and the anchor.

offset? Offset

Specifies the absolute position of the element
(see example).
The Popup opens next to that point. The pivot point of the Popup is defined by the popupAlign configuration option.
The boundary detection is applied by using the window viewport.

popupAlign? Align

Specifies the pivot point of the Popup (see example).

popupClass? string | Array<string> | Object

Specifies a list of CSS classes that will be added to the internal animated element
(see example).

To style the content of the Popup, use this property binding.

positionMode? PositionMode

Specifies the position mode of the component. By default, the Popup uses fixed positioning.
To make the Popup acquire absolute positioning, set this option to absolute.

If you need to support mobile browsers with the zoom option, use the absolute positioning of the Popup.