appendTo? ViewContainerRef

Defines the container to which the Notification will be appended
(see example).

If not provided, the Notification will be placed in the root component
of the application or in the body element of the document.

closable? boolean

Specifies if the Notification will require a user action to hide.
If the property is set to true, the Notification renders a Close button
(see example).

The possible values are:

  • (Default) false
  • true

closeTitle? string

Specifies the title of the close button.

content string | TemplateRef<any> | Function

Defines the content of the Notification.

cssClass? string | Array<string> | Object

Specifies a list of CSS classes that will be added to the Notification.
To apply CSS rules to the component, set encapsulation to ViewEncapsulation.None
(see example).

To style the content of the Notification, use the cssClass property binding.

height? number

Specifies the height of the Notification.

hideAfter? number

Specifies the time in milliseconds after which the
Notification will hide
(see example).
Defaults to 5000.

width? number

Specifies the width of the Notification.

animation? object

Specifies the animation settings of the Notification
(see example).

The possible values are:

  • duration—Accepts a number in milliseconds. Defaults to 500ms.
  • type?: 'slide'| (Default) 'fade'

position? object

Defines the position of the Notification
(see example).

The possible values are:

  • horizontal: 'left'|'center'|'right'
  • vertical: 'top'|'bottom'

type? object

Specifies the type of the Notification
(see example).

The possible values are:

  • style: (Default) 'none'|'success'|'error'|'warning'|'info'
  • icon: 'true'|'false'