Represents the Kendo UI PanelBar component for Angular.



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoPanelBarInstance="kendoPanelbar"


animate boolean

Sets the animate state of the PanelBar (see example).

expandMode PanelBarExpandMode

Sets the expand mode of the PanelBar through the PanelBarExpandMode enum (see example).

The available modes are:

  • "single"—Expands only one item at a time. Expanding an item collapses the item that was previously expanded.
  • "multiple"—The default mode of the PanelBar. Expands more than one item at a time. Items can also be toggled.
  • "full"—Expands only one item at a time. The expanded area occupies the entire height of the PanelBar. Requires you to set the height property.

height any

Sets the height of the component when the "full" expand mode is used.
This option is ignored in the "multiple" and "single" expand modes.

selectable boolean

Allows the PanelBar to modify the selected state of the items.

items Array<PanelBarItemModel>

Sets the items of the PanelBar as an array of PanelBarItemModel instances
(see example).

keepItemContent boolean

When set to true, the PanelBar renders the content of all items and they are persisted in the DOM
(see example).
By default, this option is set to false.


stateChange EventEmitter<any>

Fires each time the user interacts with a PanelBar item
(see example).
The event data contains all items that are modified.