Center Template

You can customize the content inside the center of the ArcGauge by using the center template.

To render the center template of an ArcGauge, add an ng-template tag with the kendoArcGaugeCenterTemplate directive inside the component. As context, the template provides the current color and value.

    selector: 'my-app',
    template: `
        <div class="example-config">
            <kendo-slider id="value" [min]="0" [max]="100" [smallStep]="10" [(ngModel)]="value"></kendo-slider>
            <label for="value">Value</label>
        <kendo-arcgauge [value]="value" [colors]="colors">
            <ng-template kendoArcGaugeCenterTemplate let-value="value" let-color="color">
                <span [style.color]="color">{{ value }}%</span>
export class AppComponent {
    public value: number = 10;

    public colors: any[] = [{
        to: 25,
        color: '#0058e9'
    }, {
        from: 25,
        to: 50,
        color: '#37b400'
    }, {
        from: 50,
        to: 75,
        color: '#ffc000'
    }, {
        from: 75,
        color: '#f31700'

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