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Used for rendering content when there is no data present.

To define the no-data template, nest a <ng-template> tag with the kendo<ComponentName>NoDataTemplate directive inside the component tag.

You can use:

  • The kendoAutoCompleteNoDataTemplate directive for the AutoComplete.
  • The kendoComboBoxNoDataTemplate directive for the ComboBox.
  • The kendoDropDownListNoDataTemplate directive for the DropDownList.
  • The kendoMultiSelectNoDataTemplate directive for the MultiSelect.
selector: 'my-app',
template: `
 <kendo-combobox [data]="listItems">
   <ng-template kendoComboBoxNoDataTemplate>
     <h4>No data!</h4>
class AppComponent {
  public listItems: Array<string> = [];

For more examples, refer to the article on templates.



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