Represents the Kendo UI AutoComplete component for Angular.

selector: 'my-app',
template: `
class AppComponent {
  public placeholder: string = 'Type "it" for suggestions';
  public listItems: Array<string> = ["Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3", "Item 4"];



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoAutoCompleteInstance="kendoAutoComplete"


disabled boolean

Sets the disabled state of the component.

filterable boolean

Enables the filtering functionality.
If set to true, the component emits the filterChange event.

highlightFirst boolean

Defines whether the first match from the suggestions list will be automatically focused.
By default, highlightFirst is set to true.

listHeight number

Sets the height of the suggestions list. By default, listHeight is 200px.

The listHeight property affects only the list of suggestions and not the whole popup container.
To set the height of the popup container, use popupSettings.height.

loading boolean

Sets and gets the loading state of the AutoComplete.

placeholder string

The hint which is displayed when the component is empty.

readonly boolean

Sets the read-only state of the component.

suggest boolean

Enables the auto-completion of the text based on the first data item.

tabindex number

Specifies the tabindex of the component.

valueField string

Specifies the string property of the data item that represents the item value.
If the data contains only primitive values, do not define it.

data any

Sets the data of the AutoComplete.

The data has to be provided in an array-like list.

itemDisabled ItemDisabledFn

Defines a Boolean function that is executed for each data item in the component
(see examples).
Determines whether the item will be disabled.

popupSettings PopupSettings

Configures the popup of the AutoComplete.

The available options are:

  • animate: Boolean—Controls the popup animation. By default, the open and close animations are enabled.
  • width: Number | String—Sets the width of the popup container. By default, the width of the host element is used. If set to auto, the component automatically adjusts the width of the popup and no item labels are wrapped. The auto mode is not supported when virtual scrolling is enabled.
  • height: Number—Sets the height of the popup container.
  • popupClass: String—Specifies a list of CSS classes that are used to style the popup.
  • appendTo: "root" | "component" | ViewContainerRef—Specifies the component to which the popup will be appended.

value any

Sets the value of the AutoComplete.

virtual boolean | VirtualizationSettings

Enables the virtualization functionality.


isOpen boolean

Returns the current open state of the popup.


close EventEmitter

Fires each time the popup is about to close.
This event is preventable. If you cancel it, the popup will remain open.

filterChange EventEmitter

Fires each time the user types in the input field.
You can filter the source based on the passed filtration value
(see example).

blur EventEmitter

Fires each time the AutoComplete gets blurred.

focus EventEmitter

Fires each time the user focuses the AutoComplete.

open EventEmitter

Fires each time the popup is about to open.
This event is preventable. If you cancel it, the popup will remain closed.

valueChange EventEmitter

Fires each time the value is changed—
when the component is blurred or the value is cleared through the Clear button
(see example).
When the value of the component is programmatically changed to ngModel or formControl
through its API or form binding, the valueChange event is not triggered because it
might cause a mix-up with the built-in valueChange mechanisms of the ngModel or formControl bindings.



Blurs the AutoComplete.


Focuses the AutoComplete.


Resets the value of the AutoComplete.
If you use the reset method to clear the value of the component,
the model will not update automatically and the selectionChange and valueChange events will not be fired.


Toggles the visibility of the popup.
If you use the toggle method to open or close the popup, the open and close events will not be fired.


open boolean

The state of the popup.