The settings for the Window actions when the Window is opened through WindowService
(see example).

appendTo? ViewContainerRef

Defines the container in which the Window will be inserted.
Specifying this option changes the place in the page hierarchy where the Window will be inserted.

autoFocusedElement? string

Sets the focused element query selector.

content? string | TemplateRef | Function

Defines the content of the Window.

draggable? boolean

Specifies is the Window is draggable.

height? number

Specifies the height of the Window.

keepContent? boolean

Specifies if the content of the Window is persisted in the DOM
when the Window is minimized.

left? number

Specifies the left offset of the Window.

minHeight? number

Specifies the minimum height of the Window.

minWidth? number

Specifies the minimum width of the Window.

resizable? boolean

Specifies if the Window is resizable.

state? WindowState

Specifies the initial state of the Window.

title? string

Sets the title of the Window.

titleBarContent? TemplateRef

Defines the content of the title bar.

top? number

Specifies the top offset of the Window.

width? number

Specifies the width of the Window.