Holds references to the object instance of the Window.
Controls the Windows that were opened through WindowService
(see example).

close Function

Allows you to close the Window by using code.
When called with no arguments,
the result Observable will be of type WindowCloseResult.
When called with an argument, the result Observable will hold the provided value.

content ComponentRef<any>

A reference to the child component of the Window.
Available when the Window is opened with
component content.

result Observable<WindowCloseResult>

Emits events when the Window is closed through the Close button of the title bar or
by calling the close method.
When the Window is closed with the title bar button or by calling close with no arguments,
the result is of type WindowCloseResult.
When close is called with an argument, the result is the passed argument.

window ComponentRef<WindowComponent>

A reference to the Window instance.