The configuration options of the plot area
(see example).
The plot area is the area which displays the series.




background string

The background color of the Chart plot area.
Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

border Border

The border of the plot area.

margin Margin | number

The margin of the plot area. A numeric value sets all margins.

opacity number

The background opacity of the plot area. By default, the background is opaque.

padding Padding | number

The padding of the plot area. A numeric value sets all paddings.
The default padding for the Pie, Donut, Radar, and Polar Charts is proportional of the Chart size.



Updates the component fields with the specified values and refreshes the Chart.

Use this method when the configuration values cannot be set through the template.

item.notifyChanges({ visible: true });


changes any

An object containing the updated input fields.