Displays a Chip that represents an input, attribute or an action.




disabled boolean

If set to true, the Chip will be disabled.

icon string

Defines the name for an existing icon in a Kendo UI theme.
The icon is rendered inside the Chip by a span.k-icon element.

iconClass string

Defines a CSS class — or multiple classes separated by spaces —
which are applied to a span element.
Allows the usage of custom icons.

label string

Sets the label text of the Chip.

look ChipLook

Changes the visual appearance by using alternative styling options.

The available values are:

  • filled
  • outlined

removable boolean

Specifies if the Chip will be removable or not.
If the property is set to true, the Chip renders a remove icon.

removeIcon string

Specifies a custom remove icon that will be rendered when the Chip is removable.
see example

selected boolean

Specifies the selected state of the Chip.

selectedIcon string

Specifies a custom select icon that will be rendered when the Chip is selected.
see example

type ChipType

Specifies the Chip type.

The possible values are:

  • none (default)
  • success
  • error
  • warning
  • info


remove EventEmitter<ChipRemoveEvent>

Fires each time the user clicks the remove icon of the Chip.



Blurs the Chip component.


Focuses the Chip component.