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Wrong auto scale for negative values

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Sergey asked on 20 Dec 2016, 12:06 PM

Hi, I use RadCartesianChart to display some candles, but I see only part of them on the screen (see picture). Seems that auto-scale works not well. How to show all candles?

Here is the code:

<Window x:Class="TelerikWpfApp1.MainWindow"
                Title="MainWindow" Background="#FF1E1E1E" >
                <telerik:LinearAxis HorizontalLocation="Right"/>
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:21:00" Open="-125.7368" Close="-125.7128" Low="-125.7029" High="-125.7516" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:22:00" Open="-125.7128" Close="-125.7367" Low="-125.6828" High="-125.7396" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:23:00" Open="-125.7328" Close="-125.7297" Low="-125.704" High="-125.7417" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:24:00" Open="-125.7327" Close="-125.7308" Low="-125.6938" High="-125.7357" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:25:00" Open="-125.7268" Close="-125.7069" Low="-125.6743" High="-125.7307" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:26:00" Open="-125.7039" Close="-125.7068" Low="-125.6941" High="-125.7128" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:27:00" Open="-125.7028" Close="-125.7157" Low="-125.694" High="-125.7296" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:28:00" Open="-125.7327" Close="-125.7056" Low="-125.6738" High="-125.7325" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:29:00" Open="-125.6976" Close="-125.7036" Low="-125.6918" High="-125.7116" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:30:00" Open="-125.7096" Close="-125.7037" Low="-125.6739" High="-125.7156" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:31:00" Open="-125.7057" Close="-125.6768" Low="-125.6531" High="-125.7086" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:32:00" Open="-125.6818" Close="-125.6688" Low="-125.666" High="-125.6947" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:33:00" Open="-125.6708" Close="-125.6769" Low="-125.6631" High="-125.6828" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:34:00" Open="-125.6789" Close="-125.666" Low="-125.6532" High="-125.6829" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:35:00" Open="-125.668" Close="-125.6738" Low="-125.6442" High="-125.6798" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:36:00" Open="-125.6828" Close="-125.6906" Low="-125.6529" High="-125.7026" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:37:00" Open="-125.6906" Close="-125.6816" Low="-125.6628" High="-125.7005" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:38:00" Open="-125.6936" Close="-125.6996" Low="-125.6738" High="-125.7036" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:39:00" Open="-125.6856" Close="-125.6916" Low="-125.6628" High="-125.7066" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:40:00" Open="-125.6886" Close="-125.6797" Low="-125.6738" High="-125.6976" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:41:00" Open="-125.6887" Close="-125.6738" Low="-125.644" High="-125.6937" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:42:00" Open="-125.6748" Close="-125.6709" Low="-125.6442" High="-125.6828" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:43:00" Open="-125.6629" Close="-125.68" Low="-125.6503" High="-125.6819" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:44:00" Open="-125.6829" Close="-125.674" Low="-125.6442" High="-125.6829" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:45:00" Open="-125.665" Close="-125.674" Low="-125.6443" High="-125.6879" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:46:00" Open="-125.68" Close="-125.6623" Low="-125.6337" High="-125.683" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:47:00" Open="-125.6542" Close="-125.6753" Low="-125.6445" High="-125.6831" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:48:00" Open="-125.6833" Close="-125.6803" Low="-125.6627" High="-125.6832" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:49:00" Open="-125.6773" Close="-125.6912" Low="-125.6634" High="-125.692" />
<telerik:OhlcDataPoint Category="04/15/2015 02:50:00" Open="-125.6912" Close="-125.6781" Low="-125.6742" High="-125.7031" />

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Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
answered on 23 Dec 2016, 11:39 AM
Hi Sergey,

This happens because the candlesticks values are not defined in the expected range in the financial context. Keep in mind that in order for the data to make sense you should make sure that the Low value is smaller than the High value. In your case, this is reversed - the Low value is bigger than the High value. If you switch the values the range will be calculated as expected. Also, the Open and Close values should be between (or equal) the range of the High an Low values. In your case this is satisfied.

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