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  1. Jerome
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    Aug 2010

    Posted 07 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    I switched to the NuGet RadControls for WPF package and now non of the Telerik controls render at all. They simply don't appear. White spaces where they should be. Not sure what additional info to give you. There's no output messages that appear to be in error. Simply, none of the controls appear.

    Any idea? I tried disabling the Theme I was using in case that was it, and still nothing.
  2. Jerome
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    Aug 2010

    Posted 07 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Switched back to the non-NuGet packages and it works fine. The problem is only in the NuGet package.

    The NuGet package also sucks, by the way. Including every DLL in a single package? Crazy.
  3. Aylin
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    Posted 12 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Jerome,

    Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the late reply.

    WPF NuGet Package provides support for .Net Framework 4.0 and .Net Framework 4.5, but for "NoXaml" assemblies only. You could get more information on NoXAML asemblies from our online help: link 
    If you prefer to use XAML assemblies, you could use the msi installer or the hotfix, containing only the Dlls.

    Let me know if that helps.


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  4. Myth
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    Posted 14 Jan 2014 Link to this post


    I have the same issue. How do I use the Telerik WPF nuget package? I've added the theme i wanted in my application resourcedictionary, and removed all uses of the StyleManager. But still everything is invisible..

    EDIT: Nevermind, I wasn't reading carefully. You have to add more than one resourcedictionary for the same theme. For example:

                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Office_Black;component/Themes/System.Windows.xaml"/>
                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Office_Black;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.xaml"/>
                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Office_Black;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.Navigation.xaml"/>
                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Office_Black;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.Input.xaml"/>
                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Office_Black;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.xaml"/>

    Kind regards,
  5. Petar
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    Posted 16 Jan 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Stijn,

    Thank you for contacting us! I am glad that you have resolved the issue on your side. Should any future inquires arise don't hesitate to contact us again.

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