Validation for start year and end year

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  1. durga bhavani
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    I am having two drop downs(start year and end year) which consists of years.
    I want to  validate the end year such that end year should always greater 
    than start year.If the end is less than start year then i want to display a validation
    message next to the second drop down

    Is it possible in kendo ui.provide me samples if possible

  2. Chuck
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    Here is one way to use the kendoValidator and compare to divs that contain years.

    <div id="comparediv" style="border:1px solid black">
        <p>Validate that the start year is before the end year.</p>
        <p><label for="start">Start:</label>
        <select id="start" name="start">
                <p><label for="end">End:</label>
        <select id="end" name="end">
        <button type="submit" id="submityear" value="submityear">submit year</button>

    your script would be something like

               var yearvalidator = $("#comparediv").kendoValidator({
                  rules: {
                     custom: function(input){
                           var start = parseInt($("#start").val());
                           var end = parseInt($("#end").val());

                           if(end > start){ return true; }
                       } else { return true; }
                     custom: "end year must be greater that start year"
               $("#submityear").on("click", function(){
                    alert("no worries");

    I also put together a sample page at 
    I also put up a blog post on my site.
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