Using XML for subreport source when storing TRDX in database

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    We're using Version of the Report Designer to allow users to create reports and upload them into our web application.  The TRDX files are stored in the database and at runtime are deserialized with ReportXmlSerializer.  This works well but is rather cumbersome when subreports are used.

    The Report Designer provides two options for defining the source of a subreport: 1) Url or File (this embeds a reference to the subreport file and is not an option for us since we store the report definition in a single data record) or 2) XML markup.  

    Currently we are requiring the user to open the subreport in notepad, copy the content, select XML markup as the subreport source, and paste the XML into the dialog. 

    Are there any plans to extend the Report Designer to allow selecting the subreport file and pulling the XML to prevent the "Open in notepad" approach?  

    If not is there any other way to make it easier for the end user?  I'm currently under pressure to extend our report upload process to reach into the TRDX, iterate the subreports, prompt for upload of those files and then set the subreport source to the uploaded XML.  I'd rather not build in this dependency if the Report Designer can to it instead.

    On a separate note, it looks like there is a minor defect in the tool tips for vertical spacing controls in the Layout section of the designer.  They all say "horizontal spacing" rather then "vertical spacing".

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    Hello Ken,

    You can use UriReportSource for SubReport item and select the report file (.trdx). 
    When you use such report definitions it will search the subreport .trdx file near the base path of your application. In your case you can update the main report definition to use XmlReportSource and set the binding expression to the field containing the subreport XML as stated in our documentation. This update can be made in the main report XML before you save it in the database, or in run-time when you deserialize the main report.
    In this case, the users will create separate .trdx files, use UriReportSource and upload all the files to your server, you will alter the definition and then save them to the data-base. 

    Finally, I want to tank you for pointing out the wrong tooltips.

    the Telerik team

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