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    Posted 24 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    Let me edit this to be more clear.  I am trying to dynamically change the values of the needle, thus making it Animated and have it move according to the live data being stored.  I have live data that is being thrown in a Records (ObservableCollection<QRecords<double>>) which (QRecords) has the properties "Value" and "TimeStamp" in it.  In the ChartView control, I use:

    var lineSeries = new LineSeries();
    lineSeries.CategoryBinding = new PropertyNameDataPointBinding() { PropertyName = "TimeStamp" };
    lineSeries.ValueBinding = new PropertyNameDataPointBinding() { PropertyName = "Value" };
    lineSeries.ItemsSource = (chart.Chart as GuiAnalogQueue).Records;

    to add a new LineSeries accompanied with addition VerticalAxes.  This is the binding that takes care of all my data changing dynamically. 

    Now, I'm trying to apply this data to allow the user to user a Gauge to display the same data, just in a different fashion (Gauge vs. ChartView).  However, when I do something like
    <telerik:Needle x:Name="needle" IsAnimated="True" Value="{Binding Value}"/>
    <telerik:Needle x:Name="needle" IsAnimated="True" Value="{Binding chart.Chart.Value}"/>

    My needle doesn't move at all, whatsoever.  What steps should I take to achieve changing the value of the Gauge's needle?

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    Posted 27 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Kevin,

    It is very complicated and it is hard to reproduce the problem without your solution, but using just a code snippet you sent. Could you, please, provide us  with a small sample runnable solution which reproduces it? You can attach it in the support thread you started on the same topic. I suggest we continue any further conversation on this there to avoid duplicate threads.

    Andrey Murzov
    the Telerik team

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