Uploaded file not passes to Action (controller)

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    Posted 02 Jun 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Sir

    I used async upload, on my view I used the event select and upload function. the problem is the request not sent to the Action once I uploaded a file.

    Here's my code snippet.

     $(document).ready(function () {

    var lookup = $("#ComboLookupTable").data("kendoComboBox");
    $("#get").click(function () {

    async: {
    saveUrl: "UploadFile/Lookup",
    removeUrl: "remove",
    autoUpload: false,
    value: 'Import'
    multiple: false,
    progress: function (e) {

    upload: function (e) {
    // debugger;
    var kendoWindow = $("<div />").kendoWindow({
    title: "Replace Lookup Table Data?",
    resizable: false,
    modal: true


    .click(function () {
    if ($(this).hasClass("delete-cancel")) {

    // kendoWindow.data("kendoWindow").close();
    else {
    e.data = { additional: $("#ComboLookupTable").val() };


    // ---------

    //e.data = { additional: $("#ComboLookupTable").val() };
    select: function (e) {
    // debugger;
    e.data = { additional: $("#ComboLookupTable").val() };
    localization: {
    select: "Select a file",
    uploadSelectedFiles: "Import",
    remove: "Remove"
    //upload: onUpload
    //select: onSelect


    Here's my controller (action)

    'Upload File (excel)
    <HttpPost> _
    Public Function UploadFile(ByVal files As HttpPostedFileBase, ByVal additional As String) As ActionResult

    Dim data = (New ExcelReader()).ReadExcel(files)

    Select Case additional
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.ConversionFactors
    Return View()
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.ElectricalRegionalEmissionFactors
    Return View()
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.ElectricalSubRegionEmissionFactors
    Return View()
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.FuelEfficiecies
    Dim ent As New List(Of ViewModel.FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Create)

    For Each datarow In data.DataRows
    ent.Add(New ViewModel.FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Create With {.VehicleClass = datarow(0).ToString, _
    .FuelEfficiencyValue = Convert.ToDecimal(datarow(1)), _
    .CreatedBy = Session(LocalConstant.Ses_UserID), _
    .CreatedDate = Now.Date})
    Return View()
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.GlobalEmissionFactors
    Return View()
    Case FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Table.Lookup.GlobalWarmingPotential
    Return View()

    End Select

    'Session(LocalConstant.SessionExcelData) = resultList

    Return View("Index", data.Status)
    'Return View()
    End Function

    Thank you in advance and God bless.
  2. Silver Lightning
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    Feb 2014

    Posted 03 Jun 2014 in reply to Silver Lightning Link to this post

    I solved it. Thanks
  3. Dimiter Madjarov
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    Posted 03 Jun 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Jesureno,

    Nice to hear the problem is solved. Let us know if you experience any further issues.

    Have a great day!

    Dimiter Madjarov

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