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    in scheduleview I am do following:
    - every time the visible range is changed I set the AppointmentsSource = null. After that I add some new Appointments (which fit into the visible range). After that I call UpdateLayout().

                scheduleView.AppointmentsSource = null;
                scheduleView.AppointmentsSource = observableAppointments;

    This is ok, when I click the back and forward buttons on schedule view. But when I change from Week View into Day View, I get an exception. I debugged schedule view and got the exception in AppointmentsPanel.cs in

    private void UpdateMaxDesiredSize(GroupHeader header, bool isHorizontal)

                int level = header.Level;
                Size desiredSize = header.DesiredSize;
                int adjustLevel = level - 1;

                double levelMaxDesiredLength = this.GetMaxDesiredLength(adjustLevel);

                double length;
                if (isHorizontal)
                    length = header.DesiredSize.Width - header.BorderThickness.Right;
                    length = header.DesiredSize.Height - header.BorderThickness.Bottom;
                levelMaxDesiredLength = Math.Max(levelMaxDesiredLength, length);
                this.headerMaxLengthLevels[adjustLevel] = levelMaxDesiredLength;  Here headerMaxLengthLevels has zero entries.

    What's the reason for this?

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