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  1. Lali
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    Posted 03 May 2017 Link to this post

    I saved file in server with unique name. so i change the file name while uploading. My issue is, when I upload file, I need to update the k-files to show only changed name. but now, it is displaying original file name.

    $("#MediaFiles").kendoUpload({ async: { removeUrl: "/Pepsico/Remove", saveUrl: "/Pepsico/Save", autoUpload: true }, files: $scope.pepsicoNomination.MediaFiles, validation: { allowedExtensions: [".pdf"] }, upload: fileUplaodValidation, success: onMediaSucess, error: onError }); function onMediaSucess(e) { if (e.response.media == "") { $scope.$apply(function () { $rootScope.showFailureMsg("There is an issue while uploading your file. Please contact customer support"); }); var fileStatus = document.getElementsByClassName('k-upload-status-total') $(fileStatus).hide(); } else { $scope.pepsicoNomination.MediaFiles.push({ name: e.response.media }); } }


    Here files in kendo upload not update after success.

    Is there any way to update files?



  2. Ivan Danchev
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    Posted 05 May 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Lali,

    The filename in the Upload's file list can be changed in the success event handler. You can access the uploaded file's uid through the event data (e.files). Each uploaded file is rendered within a li element with class k-file. That li element has the file's uid value set as a data-uid attribute. So the uid can be used to get the li element that corresponds to a specific file and change the filename:
    function onSuccess(e) {
        var file0Uid = e.files[0].uid;
        $(".k-file[data-uid='" + file0Uid + "']").find(".k-file-name").text("New Filename");

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  3. Esha
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    Posted 09 May 2019 in reply to Ivan Danchev Link to this post

    Can this be done in angular way rather than using jquery?
  4. Esha
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    Posted 10 May 2019 in reply to Esha Link to this post

    Never mind, on event of Upload, i simply changed the file.name to one which i desired, and it worked.!


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