Trouble with Telerik Reporting Initial Install

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  1. Michael
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    We've just gotten started with Telerik Report. We're using Visual Studio 2017 and successfully created a Telerik Reporting Library Project. Within that Telerik Reporting Library Project, I created a Report (which is a .cs class), which works properly when I do a Preview and a HTML Preview. It displays the report with the proper data.

    I added a Telerik Reporting REST project to my application and I believe that is also working because I get the following message when I hit the api/reports/formats URL: [{"name":"PDF","localizedName":"Acrobat (PDF) file"},{"name":"CSV","localizedName":"CSV (comma delimited)"},{"name":"XLS","localizedName":"Excel 97-2003"},{"name":"RTF","localizedName":"Rich Text Format"},{"name":"IMAGE","localizedName":"TIFF file"},{"name":"MHTML","localizedName":"Web Archive"},{"name":"XPS","localizedName":"XPS Document"}]

    I also created a folder in my project named "Reports" which is the default reportsPath.

    I then added the HTML 5 viewer Page to my web project and that also comes up, but it doesn't load my report and gives the following error:

    Unable to get report parameters.
    Report 'Telerik.Reporting.Examples.CSharp.ReportCatalog%2C%20CSharp.ReportLibrary' cannot be resolved. (I tried with the demo report)

    This is the same error I got before I created the REST project in my application.

    Is there any obvious step I'm missing? Thanks.

  2. Michael
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    Posted 07 Dec 2017 in reply to Michael Link to this post

    Weird situation.

    I used the Wizard to create the HMTL 5 viewer page in my web project, which caused the issue above. I then used the Wizard to create the HTML 5 viewer page in my REST Project (using the wizard to create a new REST service), which caused my Web Project one to start working.

    I could actually remove the REST Service Project from my Solution and it still launches.

    That said, it works currently on my local environment in Debug mode in Visual Studio, but when I publish to Azure, it doesn't work (the REST Project isn't responding to api/reports).

    So... more work needed.

  3. Silviya
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    Hello Michael,

    Error "Unable to get report parameters.
    Report 'Telerik.Reporting.Examples.CSharp.ReportCatalog%2C%20CSharp.ReportLibrary' cannot be resolved." appears because Reporting REST service cannot resolve the report from the report string description set as option of the viewer. 

    I suggest to check the initialization of the ReportViewer and in particular reportSource object with property report. ​Report property is a string that represents a report on the server. On the server side this string will be converted to a ReportSource through an IReportResolver. That said, this string may contain everything as far as the Telerik Reporting REST Services knows how to convert to a reports source that will be passed to the report engine for further processing. For example, this string can be a report file name or an assembly-qualified name of the report class.
    If you wish to set a report designed in Visual Studio Designer as viewer's report source you should use the correct assembly-qualified name of the report: <namespace>.<report class name>, <assembly name>. It will also be required to add a reference to the report project, i.e report library, to the Web application references.

    Note that if the service is hosted in a separate domain it might cause CORS errors, because it is working on a different port. In this scenario, you might need to enable Cross-Origin Requests (CORS).

    Deploying to Azure has no specific configuration, if the serviceUrl and reportSource are set correctly, it shouldn't be any problems. You can send us a Fiddler log (Fiddler > File > Save > All sessions..) or open a new support ticket where it is allowed to add the project as file attachment, so we can review its settings.

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