Text Box not Enabled Telerik Reports (WPF)

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Mark asked on 12 May 2021, 07:38 PM | edited on 16 May 2021, 06:40 PM

I have a Winforms App Where I am binding Telerik WPF ReportViewer control onto a Winforms app....

It quite nearly works.

All the Binding Works for my Telerik report But 'Find' ComboBox Is not working as well as when we embed into a WPF Application?

**** UPDATE I found that the Find COMBO Box is Enabled It is, however, Only accepting <SPACE> <BACKSPACE> <CTRL-V> of course I want this limitation removed.  Meaning if I pasted any Search Terms in to the Dialog box Telerik will find the items in the Report****

I have proven binding by using Visual Property Live Inspector to modify Token Value at runtime. When I modify Token in Visual Studio Live Property Editor it searches report and then highlights as requested. If you can tell me what i must do to enable the Find Text Box the Software will be now be deliverable. Follow the Yellow Higlighted areas in attached pic with word "When" in the Live Visual Property Editor

*** UPDATE ***

I have since learned that where Modeless Operations are required when WPF is being embedded in a Winforms App The Modeless Window (ie your Find Window) must Call  the static Method

ElementHost.EnableModelessKeyboardInterop(Window) Method

Does the Telerik.Reporting.Wpf Have property that in turn issues this important API Call so that the Search Window will work modelessly and correctly inside a Winforms Host?

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