Telerik Web Report Designer Preview on Configure sqlDataSourve with DateTime parameter not working

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Rahul asked on 02 Nov 2023, 08:47 AM

Hi Team,

I'm creating a web form application and using Telerik Report Designer 2023 R1. This work fine with string parameter. Then when I am using DateTime parameter on Preview at Configure sqlDataSource its show error "Cannot get preview".

Telerik team
commented on 07 Nov 2023, 08:54 AM

Hi Rahul,

The error from the image is too general to make any concrete suggestions. I will need more details about the issue such as:

  • Which data provider do you use(including version)?
  • What is the query like, could you send it here?
  • Do you get an error when you try to preview the report? The error at the end of the SqlDataSource Wizard could be due to incorrect design-time value, please test to preview the report to see if the runtime value works.

Besides answering the above questions, please product and send me the following logs:

I will look forward to receiving an update from you.




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