telerik:TreeViewPanel.TreeVirtualizationMode="Hierarchical" cause more margins between parent level grouping

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Expander TreeView VirtualizingWrapPanel
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Uma asked on 11 Mar 2022, 02:49 PM

Hi Team

We are facing frequent more bottom margin issue in RadTreeView with TreeVirtualizationMode="Hierarchical".

There is two level of grouping like parent, child and grandchild. With Hierarchical mode it is happening frequently. But with Recyling and Standard mode it is not happening but the performace is not good. So it is not helping right now.

Tried to adjuest the padding, margins of TreeViewPanel. Nothing helpped. And the number of grand child count is dynamic so cannot assign Height as well.

Need some suggestion. Thanks in advance!


Parent A (Expander)

     Child A (Expander)

          Grandchild A (Content)

          Grandchild B (Content)


----More Blank Space----


Parent B (Expander)



<telerik:RadTreeView x:Name="SearchResultTreeView"
                                     Margin="0,-1,-1,0" ItemsSource="{Binding MyDummyCollectionView}"

Telerik team
commented on 16 Mar 2022, 01:24 PM

I will review this behavior and contact you later today with more information regarding it.
Telerik team
commented on 16 Mar 2022, 01:37 PM

I have created a sample application, using the provided code snippet, in order to get as close as possible to the specified behavior, however, on my end, no additional space is observed. I have attached the test project, so, could you give it a try and let me know if I am missing anything?
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commented on 12 Apr 2022, 06:08 PM | edited

Thank you Stenly.

Unfortunately we cannot repro the issue with this sample project as you said.

In our application we are having more custom styles and controls, those are used with the RadTreeView. I tried to copy possible styles to this sample project to repro the issue. Still it is not showing any padding issue.

But we are having same styles with few more controls in our application, and it is happening frequently for us with the Hierarchical mode.

Surprisingly with Recycling mode, the issue is not at all happening. And in this mode we can see little jagging when scrolling through scrollbar.

Please find my attachments for the sample project with few updates and actual screenshot of our issue. Some time the padding will be 3 to 4 times as given in the screenshot. They are mostly comes after the last node.

Thank you


Telerik team
commented on 15 Apr 2022, 02:29 PM

I have tested the modified application with both the Hierarchical and Recycling values of the TreeViewPanel.TreeVirtualizationMode attached property, however, I was not able to reproduce the extra space. Would it be possible to provide a bit more information, regarding if there is anything else that would allow me to reproduce this on my end? Also, would it be possible to share the version of the used assemblies inside your main application?
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commented on 25 Apr 2022, 09:49 AM

We are using Telerik.Windows.Controls

Version: 2017.2.503.45

Runtime: v4.0.30319

Telerik team
commented on 28 Apr 2022, 08:04 AM

I have tested the application using the 2017.2.503 version of our assemblies, however, I am still not able to observe the unwanted margin. With that being said, would it be possible to try if this behavior is still present when using the latest version of our DLLs (2022.1.222)?

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Expander TreeView VirtualizingWrapPanel
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