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Telerik Reporting Service - Asp.Net

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Avesh asked on 20 Jan 2011, 10:18 AM

i have a Telerik Report Service project that has a dfew telerik reports. i can browse to the service and all works fine.
i've added this service as a service reference to my web application.
TelerikReportServiceClient.ReportService.ReportServiceClient client = new TelerikReportServiceClient.ReportService.ReportServiceClient();
List<TelerikReportServiceClient.ReportService.ReportInfo> reports = client.ListAvailableReports().ToList();


i can run the above code and have a list of report in "reports ". the problem is that the list is meanless to me because i cannot create an instance of any of the reports.
unlike in the silverlight report service (
that has an event.


ServiceClient = new ReportServiceClient(ReportViewer.EnsureAbsoluteUri(new Uri("../ReportService.svc", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute))); 
            ServiceClient.ListAvailableReportsCompleted += new EventHandler<ListAvailableReportsEventArgs>(ServiceClient_ListAvailableReportsCompleted); 
void ServiceClient_ListAvailableReportsCompleted(object sender, ListAvailableReportsEventArgs e) 
            this.MyReports = e.Reports; 
            // Decide which report to load, or place them into a RadComboBox to let the user select different reports! 
            if (this.MyReports.Count > 0) 
                this.xReportViewer.Report = this.MyReports[1].FullName;                 

Basically i need to know how to get the actual telerik reports or an instance of them that are in my reportservice project.
any help will be greatly appreciated.


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