Suddenly radPdfViewer will no longer finish loading

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Clint asked on 02 Nov 2023, 01:47 PM

So I've got an application that has been working for the last 2 years with no issue. All of a sudden on some machines the radPdfViewer will not load or display PDFs. I've updated the code to the most recent version of the Telerik WPF UI controls but nothing different. The application works fine on my dev machine and a handful of others, but there are 3 machines specifically that it fails to load on. No errors just does not load. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Here is the relevant code snippet:
Uri documentSourceUri = new Uri("" + permitNumber);
PdfDocumentSource documentSource = new PdfDocumentSource(documentSourceUri);
pdfViewer.DocumentSource = documentSource;

Telerik team
commented on 03 Nov 2023, 05:47 AM

Hi Clint, 

Can you try manually downloading the files and opening them on these machines? It appears that this is a connection issue and for some reason, the files cannot be downloaded. 

Let me know how this sounds.

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