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    Hello everyone,

    Is it possible to specify the display format for a property in the PropertyGrid?

    I've tried the [DisplayFormat], but neither DataFormatString nor NullDisplayText seems to be making any difference whatsoever.

    In my particular case, I want the DateTime property to be displayed as 'yyyy - MM - dd', but (as I mentioned), decorating the property with [DisplayFormat(DataFormatString = "yyyy - MM - dd")] doesn't work.

    As far as I have noticed, PropertyGrid selects RadDateTimePicker for DateTime types by default, but for some dates I'd like the 'date' part only. I don't care much about editing (although that would be nice too), but it would be great to adjust the display for read-only property grids.

    Is there any way to make that work?

    (Controls version used: 2013.2.724)
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    The thing is that string format of the binding should be set differently in RadDateTimePicker (the default editing element for DateTime properties). Check out this article for a reference.  What you can try is to define the property definition like: 

                    <telerik:PropertyDefinition Binding="{Binding Established, StringFormat=\{0:MM/dd/yyyy\}}"  IsReadOnly="True">
                                <telerik:RadDatePicker SelectedDate="{Binding Established}" IsReadOnly="{Binding IsReadOnly}"/>

    Is that approach suitable for your sceanrio ?

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    Posted 27 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    I didn't want to specify separate XAML views for property grids, but to re-use one auto-generated property grid view I have.

    Your link pointed me in the right direction though, thanks!

    I ended up hooking to OnFieldLoaded of the grid and checking the content. Then I get to the 'Binding.StringFormat' and set the DateTimeFormat in the CultureInfo of the date picker. It's a hack, but it works...
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