Sorting broken: doesn't update cell references in formulas.

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  1. Christopher
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    Posted 24 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    Hi Telerik,

       My experience with this widget has been... awful. I mean really, I am just finding bugs every day it seems like. Was this widget Q/A'd? It honestly seems like it wasn't... Anyways...

    Here's another bug:


    1. Look at this demo
    2. Click into cell D4 "Terry Lawson".
    3. Replace the cell with a formula, we'll just make it easy and say "=E4".
    4. Now filter by a column, let's say Date (B3) A to Z.
    5. Go find the re-positioned cell (should be row 19).
    6. Notice the formula still says "=E4"... curious.
    7. Ignore the odd formula value and update E19. Notice D4 does not change.
    8. Update E4 out of curiosity. Notice D4 does not change.

    Expected Result

    Like Excel, sorting should update formulas with their appropriate cell references. In the repro above, the "=E4" formula should have updated to be "=E19". What's odd is it also breaks all formulas. No formulas will update the sort as soon as you scroll.


    Github link:

  2. Christopher
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    Jan 2017

    Posted 26 Jul 2017 in reply to Christopher Link to this post

    Like the other glaring bugs, my clients and I can't wait months for this to be fixed, so we did it ourselves:

    Root Cause
    The issue is that a cell's "formula" property retains a "row" property and "absrefs[].row", which don't get updated by the sort operation.

    Fix posted on the github issue: [here]

  3. Nencho
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    Posted 26 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Christopher,

    Thank you for the submitted proposal for fix of the bug that you've find. I have updated your Telerik points for that matter. In addition, the bug and its fix will be revised and test as soon as possible.

    Lastly, I have updated your Telerik Points, for reporting for the problem and suggesting a fix.

    Progress Telerik
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