Silverlight Report Viewer - Specific image loads fine locally, but not when deployed

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    So I have a specific image that will load into a picturebox when I run the reportviewer locally, but it doesn't work when it's deployed.

    All the other images work fine, using the same loading method.  All other images of this category work for all other items.  It's just this one image, that only works locally, but not from the webserver.

    The image is not displayed, but I am displaying some of it's attributes, and it's saying the image is a jpeg, that is 808x1049 pixels wide.

    Anyone ever encounter an issue like this?

  2. Ryan
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    Posted 27 Mar 2015 in reply to Ryan Link to this post

    Couldn't post these images to the other thread, so let's keep this one and go from here.  Not sure how to edit or delete my posts either.

    Here's the longer writeup I made before...

    Alright folks, I've got a strange one here, hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me.

    So we have a silverlight report viewer, and it's been working fine for the most part.  We ran into an issue today where an image was not being displayed, but other images are working fine.  Stranger still, is that this problem doesn't effect reports for different items, just the specific items that would use this specific image.

    There's a report that loads for an item, loads a bunch of data, and then has a set of subreports for the images, if the image isn't there it hides the sub report.

    The sub report is being show, and the header for the image is loading, but the image does not appear for this one specific image (other items with this same category of image are working fine).  Any item that uses this specific image, it won't show.

    I test it out locally, and find that it is working for me...  Well then, let's deploy the app and see if it fixes it...  Nope, still broken.  Test again, works fine locally.

    I put in some basic blind debugging, use a textbox, and fill out information each step of the image loading process, and try to see where it is failing...  Well it doesn't fail.  It pulls the field from the item's object, makes sure it has a value, converts it from object to byte(), loads the image from the stream, and sets the picturebox.image from the image variable.  No errors, no issues.  I even display some information about the image, which doesn't appear in the deployed app.  There's no image, and my textbox says it's dimensions are 808x1049, and it's a jpeg type...  I've attached two images showing the problem.
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    Posted 01 Apr 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Ryan,

    Please download and install Fiddler. Then inspect the requests from the Silverlight ReportViewer to the Reporting WCF service. Check also the server's Event Viewer for any error logs.

    In general, the report will be rendered in XAML format, where images are elements with source set to an URL pointing to the service. If the image is not delivered the request for it will have status different than 200 OK. Test also exporting the report in PDF to verify it is processed and rendered as expected on the server.

    We will be waiting for your update and the details from Fiddler - Inspectors - Request/Response - Raw about the request for the image. Please include details for the used Telerik Reporting version as well.


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