Set Numbering Value does not apply for the currently selected line?

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Rania asked on 09 Dec 2021, 09:46 PM | edited on 09 Dec 2021, 09:47 PM

I am trying to determine how to have the set number value start at the current line that is being highlighted in RadRichTextBox for WPF.

Here is an example, with steps to replicate:

1). Enter the following text(the word So. 6 times)(Do not add any spaces after each period):

2) Now put he 6 words containing So. into a numerical list:

3. Now highlight line number 4, like this(do not click your mouse and enter a space at any time):

4. Right click, and set numbering value to 74:

Final result:

Question, why is the numbering value starting at the next line(#5 in this case),  as opposed to the current line being underlined(#4)?

Is there a way to make the numbering value start at the current line(#4) with one extra space highlighted, with only selecting line #4 with the mouse(not clicking on it at all)? For example, following the exact same above steps but not selecting the extra space at the "." punctuation mark produces the following:


What is the reason for this highlighting of an extra space causing the numbering to start on the next line? Is a fix possible so that all characters highlighted on the current line and setting the numbering value will result in the number value changing at the current line, not the line after?

Thank you.

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Telerik team
answered on 14 Dec 2021, 11:47 AM

Hi Rania,

Thank you for the detailed information.

I created a bug report on your behalf for that behavior: RichTextBox: Set Numbering Value does not apply for the currently selected line. You can find an option for working around it in the description of the public item. Your Telerik points are now updated in appreciation for bringing this issue to our attention. Please, make sure you are following the linked item if you would like to receive updates about status changes on it.

Hope this information is helpful.

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