Set initial zoom level of the 3D chart?

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    How can I set the initial zoom level of the 3d chart?  In my situation, the 3D pie chart fills only a small fraction of the available space available.  The user can't interact with the chart, so it needs to happen when the chart gets created.

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    Hello Greg,

    Here is an example, in which I have created a method that zooms the chart by a factor (by calculating new position for the camera):
    public partial class Window1 : Window 
        private double[] data = new double[] { 
            12, 50, 11, 44, 55, 77
        public Window1() 
            Random r = new Random(0xa713); 
            DataSeries series = new DataSeries(); 
            series.Definition = new Pie3DSeriesDefinition(); 
            foreach(double value in 
                series.Add(new DataPoint() { YValue = value }); 
            this.Loaded += OnLoaded; 
        private void OnLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
            ZoomChartArea(chart1.DefaultView.ChartArea, 2); 
        private static void ZoomChartArea(ChartArea chartArea, double zoom) 
            Viewport3D viewport3D = chartArea.Template3D.FindName("PART_ViewPort3D", chartArea) as Viewport3D; 
            if (viewport3D == null
            PerspectiveCamera camera = viewport3D.Camera as PerspectiveCamera; 
            if (camera == null
            Vector3D vector = (Vector3D)camera.Position; 
            Vector3D lookDirection = camera.LookDirection; 
            lookDirection *= (vector.Length - vector.Length / zoom); 
            Point3D newPosition = (Point3D)(vector + lookDirection); 
            PerspectiveCamera newCamera = camera.Clone(); 
            newCamera.Position = newPosition; 
            viewport3D.Camera = newCamera; 

    Let me know if that solution is not suitable for your case.

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team

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