Server side paging/sorting/filtering using ServiceStack Ormlite

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  1. Patrick
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    Posted 27 Sep 2014 Link to this post

    I am using ServiceStack Ormlite for my data access and have a table with several million rows of data. Downloading this all locally to display in the RadGridView is not a good solution.

    I have spent several hours now trying to figure out how to convert the FilterDescriptors and SortDescriptors to linq so that I can use them in Ormlite. It seems this is impossible. I have also tried the VirtualQueryableCollectionView, but run into the same issues.

    The only solution I see now is to use EntityFramework for this data which I really don't want to do.
  2. Nick
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    Posted 01 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Patrick,

    The whole data engine of RadGridView uses LINQ to function, so as long as your data is consumed as Queryables, you should be able to filter/sort/page on the server. 

    I cannot say what exactly goes wrong in your case, based on the information you have provided. Can you share what is the exact GridView configuration and data source? 

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  3. Patrick
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    Posted 03 Oct 2014 in reply to Nick Link to this post

    I did not realize this earlier, but RadGridView can be bound directly to an IQueryable. I was instead trying to attached to the sort/filter/page events then translate that info to sql in order to pass it to the backend. This did not work at all.

    Binding to IQueryable is vastly easier. Thanks.
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