Section.Blocks.Remove(delParagraph) crashes

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    Posted 10 Jul 2014 Link to this post

    I have a hard time finding a sollution to delete paragraph from open document. Code below crashes on aither delSection.Blocks.Remove(delParagraph); or later on radRichTextBox.UpdateEditorLayout(); after remove vas called. The error is: "inline does not belong to this document.". This seems to happen randomly. Sometimes everything passes without an error. I cant fine a way to get this working on regular basis.

    01.private void DeleteTopicFromDoc(string tag)
    03.    Section delSection = null;
    04.    Block delParagraph = null;
    06.    foreach (Section section in radRichTextBox.Document.Sections)
    07.    {
    08.        foreach (var block in section.Blocks)
    09.        {
    10.            var paragraph = block as Paragraph;
    11.            if (paragraph != null)
    12.            {
    13.                string topicTag = string.Format("topic_{0}", tag);
    14.                if (paragraph.Tag == topicTag)
    15.                {
    16.                    delSection = section;
    17.                    delParagraph = block;
    18.                    break;
    19.                }
    20.            }
    21.        }
    22.        if (delParagraph != null) break;
    23.    }
    25.    if (delParagraph != null)
    26.    {
    27.        delSection.Blocks.Remove(delParagraph);
    28.    }

    Also tried a different approach found on this forum, that was suggested by admin. It was that I use selection to select paragraph to remove and the call 
    radRichTextBox.Delete(false); witch deletes selected content. But the problem is that I have to remove a ReadOnlyRange. So this approach does not fit.
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    Posted 11 Jul 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Evaldas,

    RadDocument has two separate states - measured and non-measured. Respectively there are two way to modify these documents - through RadRichTextBox's methods or through the Sections, Blocks, Inlines, etc. collections. That being said, removing elements from a measured (shown in RadRichTextBox) document is not recommended and might cause different issues.

    As to your question, you could delete content which is within a read-only range with the help of RadDocumentEditor. All you need to do is set its RespectReadOnlyRanges property to false and pass it the document of the RadRichTextBox. The following snippet would delete the selected content in RadRichTextBox even if it is in a read-only range.
    RadDocumentEditor documentEditor = new RadDocumentEditor(this.radRichTextBox.Document);
    documentEditor.RespectReadOnlyRanges = false;

    I hope the provided information is helpful.

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  3. Evaldas
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    Jul 2014

    Posted 16 Jul 2014 in reply to Petya Link to this post

    Hi Petya,

    It seems that this solved my problem. But I had to add 
    documentEditor.RespectNonDeletableRanges = false;
    to your code sample, because my read only range was still not deleted. In .xaml of document it looks like this:
    <t:Paragraph StyleName="Heading2" Tag="topic_c8832b5d-22d2-49d4-bdbb-e92607e0c7dc">
      <t:ReadOnlyRangeStart AnnotationID="28" />
      <t:Span Tag="topic_c8832b5d-22d2-49d4-bdbb-e92607e0c7dc" Text="1.1 Vienas vienas" />
      <t:ReadOnlyRangeEnd AnnotationID="28" />

    Anyway, thank you for your help.

    Regards, Evaldas
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