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  1. Sascha
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    i saw online the telerik video over Telerik RadControls and using Prism. I found it great and checked any articles in the web. But now i am not sure what is actually the right choice for me?

    I would like to develop a bigger business app with wpf and silverlight ui for win7/8 for a logistic company. Perhaps later an ui for tablets and smartphones.

    Is the framework Prism still state of the art or does a framework like Caliburn.Micro or MVVM light better fit the needs of an actual windows app?

    What is the experience of telerik and yours here in the forum?
    The telerik sample demo app in my trial use prism as base right?
    So is it still telerik's favorit?

    Could you say that it is not wrong to start in 2012 still with prism to develop a business app for the ms plattform?

    Thank you in advance.

    Many Greetings Sascha
  2. Vlad
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    Hi Sascha,

    Actually we do not have any favorite MVVM framework. Anything from Prism, Caliburn to custom view-models can do the work - maybe you can decide better what will fit in your case.

    the Telerik team

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  3. Jan
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    I'm in a similar situtation in having to choose a mvvm framework.

    Prism is currently on top of the list, as the app is going to be maintained and extended for years to come.

    Did you go with Prism? Are you happy so far, or have you experienced some issues (esp. stability and performance) I should be aware of?


  4. Sascha
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    Posted 03 May 2013 Link to this post


    yes i did several tries with prism. It was ok and it was running and i liked the region manager. But it is so complex that i spent a lot of time to check the documentation and care about the mef annotations and so on that i started searching other frameworks.

    Caliburn.Micro was my first idea, but i found not really good examples for my wpf desktop app in a business case. Because of any articles in a magazin and at msdn i decided to try MVVMLight. The documentation is even not so good and their are a lot of examples for windows phones and not really for wpf busniess apps but it is easy to understand, lightweight and for me it seems to be the right choice in the moment. I like the the ServiceLocator to integrate DataService in the design time and working with Blend 2012.

    Perhaps that can help you:


    Here the Laurent is talking about two of the key features of the framework.

    If you have any interesting links or sample. Let me know pls.

    Good Luck
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