Resource is mising in "Telerik.Windows.Core.Design.AppThemeTip" component

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    In my Prism WPF application I have (in design-time) the following error: "Resource is mising in "Telerik.Windows.Core.Design.AppThemeTip" component. You can see it in "Anap_of_Error.PNG" file attached. At run-time I have System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException error with mesage: "Set connectionid threw an exception". You can se it in "ErrorSnapshotWhenRun.PNG" file attached. Why this errors have place? Please help to eliminate them.
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    Hello Yaroslav,

    The AppThemeTip is a button component that we provide for Design Time that allows for theme selection and change for the application. It should appear in the top right corner of the designer. While unpleasant, this error should not cause any problem Runtime. It should appear only with noXAML assemblies, so might be caused by different type of assemblies (XAML-included and noXAML) present in the project(s).

    But since you are receiving such a generic error when running the application, I could suggest cleaning the projects, closing Visual Studio, cleaning the bin and obj files for each project (as sometimes cached assemblies cause such problems), opening VS again and rebuilding. Make sure that all the assemblies that you are using in the application are the same version and type (XAML or noXAML) for each project.

    The designer errors could be caused as well from the Shadow Cache of the designer, which sometimes is not updated properly. It is created so the design time could load faster. You can clean that manually after closing all VS instances, but have in mind that is could be very large, so it might take some time deleting it. It is situated at C:\Users\,<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<version>\Designer\ShadowCache

    If the issue persists, could I ask you to provide more information about your project or possibly a small isolation project, so we could be able to reproduce it.

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